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Confindustria meets the President of the Council Matteo Renzi

Confindustria Lecce met in the prefecture the President of the Council Matteo Renzi to submit to his attention the critical issues that affect and continue to delay the development of the territory and the local production system.

President Giancarlo Negro and other delegated entrepreneurs have highlighted the priorities for intervention on the territory, addressing issues ranging from construction, where measures are needed to restart the construction engine, to the textile, clothing and footwear industry, where Salento is a fashion sector made of production excellence, but due to geographic and infrastructural isolation, they fail to impose themselves on markets as they would deserve, on tourism, that still contributes little to the territorial PIL as it is concentrated in the summer period only and targeting mostly younger group of population and tourists.

Another topic of great importance is that of infrastructure, logistics and mobility: as underlined by President Negro, Salento, being distant from the supply and distribution markets, has a greater expense to reach the most important economic realities in Italy and this has a negative impact on its competitiveness. The President of the Council Renzi responded positively, saying that the necessary resources exist and that we need to coordinate to give the country the opportunity to compete internationally to bring the quality of made in Italy all over the world.