Tradition, Innovation and Research servicing Healthcare

Tradition, Innovation and Research
servicing Healthcare


Hub of the corporate brands of healthcare and life science in Italy

Gruppo Surace is one of the few Italian corporate groups, dedicated to the health and life sciences sector in the Italian business scenario. The corporate brands of the Gruppo Surace show technological innovation and experimental methodologies as their core entity as well as an effective and completely new management methodology for the "wellness and healthcare" sector. These important elements, combined with a rich network of relationships with important interlocutors of the Italian and international scene, ensure that each brand of Gruppo Surace creates value for itself and for the entire corporate.


Leaders in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine since over 30 years

The CMFS Medicine and Physiotherapy Surace Centres, with the four active centres in the Salento region, plus a main office, represents the core business of the Group's healthcare area. The CMFS Centres fully cover the entire supply chain of rehabilitation medicine providing over 30,000 cycles of therapy each year.


Excellence in Home-Care

The CSM Medical Services Centre was created to provide clients with a qualified home-care service. Professionals, who are part of it, have a high profile of skills and years of experience, in order to better support every need of end users.


Innovation Promoter through continuous medical research

Innova Onlus promotes and supports medical research, referring particularly to the field of translational research in bio and nano-medicine. Innova Onlus helps scientists and academic researchers to be connected with dedicated investors and entrepreneurs.


International enhancement of Italian intellectual property

Cube Labs, the most recent company born in Gruppo Surace, is a startup incubator, which enhances the intellectual properties of Italian research and startup companies, in details it acts in the Medical and Biosciences sector, creating spin off companies, which are then introduced into the international markets.